The STEEEP project helped about 600 small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in 10 different EU countries to save 10-15% of their energy costs in 3 years.

SMEs’ energy potential is still enormously under-developed. Many factors prevent the introduction of energy efficiency measures in companies, including a lack of financial resources, lack of time to analyse the energy savings potential and lack of information and knowledge.

In this context, the STEEEP consortium provided participating SMEs with tailored information and support on energy management, targeted to specific national or regional needs in order to overcome the abovementioned barriers, making businesses more familiar with methods for controlling energy consumption and related costs.

SMEs involved in STEEEP benefitted from an integrated approach:

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Go to the Success Stories page to read exemplary cases of SMEs which reduced their energy use!

From this page, you can also download material relevant for your business and developed during the project as well as other useful documents in the field of energy management and energy efficiency.


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