Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCIs) energy advisors can play a valuable role in enhancing businesses’ energy efficiency by facilitating the implementation of energy efficiency measures and complementing other services available. Acting as first point of contact for SMEs, CCIs are ideally positioned to ensure the provision of energy efficiency services to SMEs.

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In order to offer a comprehensive and harmonized support to businesses, more than 30 intelligent energy advisors within the STEEEP project from ten different countries have joined forces and set up a Transnational Learning Network. The network serves as a valuable source of know-how, expertise, tools and best practice examples. CCI energy advisors are involved in different working groups, they discussed and shared relevant tools, reported SMEs’ viewpoints on the support phase of the project and developed common documents via the transnational online learning network.

The online network is not open to the public, but can be easily accessed by any advisor interested in the field of energy efficiency measures for businesses by sending a request to join the platform.

On this page, you can also download relevant material developed during the project: guidance on how to approach and motivate SMEs to implement energy efficiency measures, background information on EU policy in relation to energy efficiency, a short description of the main energy management measures, useful tools to be adopted for supporting SMEs, etc.

First Transnational Learning Network meeting in Timisoara

Second Transnational Learning Network meeting in Zadar

Third Transnational Learning Network meeting in Lyon

Fourth Transnational Learning Network meeting in Miskolc



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