The STEEEP project aimed also to shift from an individual to a collective approach towards energy efficiency in order to demonstrate the energy savings potential of collective action. 9 Local Energy Communities of 5-10 SMEs have been created to pursue common goals in the field of energy efficiency and with the involvement of local authorities, energy providers and industrial park managers. The communities’ objectives are to boost, where possible, energy exchanges, to encourage the establishment of inter-company smart grids and to increase energy efficiency in participating companies.

What are the Local Energy Communities in practice?

A group of SMEs which regularly meet to discuss a common action plan (common objectives, resources, forms of possible energy sharing/energy generation, possible infrastructure projects etc.) and are supported by the relevant local CCIs with the availability of additional expertise and cooperation of local authorities/energy providers/ energy consultants/ trade associations.

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The LEC detailed Local Action Plans are available here

The training on smart grids for Chambers' advisors took place on 18-19 May. Click here for more information.