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Energy efficient mobility

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15 % savings

"Energy efficiency actions have not only saved us money and reduced our CO2 Emissions, but pushed us to think in a very innovative way to find new solutions for our business."
Pascal Weber
Industrial Director

Since the company was established in 1988, Baron Transport und Handels GmbH has focused on advanced solutions in the field of mobility. As energy efficiency gained increasing attention, the company board began to engage intensively with innovative solutions and environment-friendly measures. With the support of consultants and the STEEEP project, the company started to implement numerous energy efficiency measures. Until now

it has successfully implemented 80% of the planned energy efficiency actions advised in its energy management plan, reducing its energy use by 57 MWh/year:

  • Purchase of three e-cars,
  • Installation of a charging station on the company’s premises,
  • Replacement of the heating system with a more efficient wood fuelled boiler,
  • Gradual transition to LED technology for the lighting system (indoors and outdoors),
  • Improvement of the energy use monitoring system for the building and lighting,
  • Installation of thermo-gaskets on windows and doors in the administration building/office wing and on the windows in the halls,
  • A photovoltaic unit is in the process of being installed.

The know-how gained from participation in the STEEEP workshops significantly facilitated the implementation of targeted energy efficiency measures and helped the company to prioritise investments.

In addition to its Eco-Energy Plan, Baron Transport- und Handelsgesellschaft realised further ecological improvements:

  • Purchase of two Euro 6 standard trucks in 2015-2016 (1x 28 t load and 1x 18t load). Investment: € 290,000,
  • 40 KW Air-water heat pump which provide an alternative to the conventional heating system. Investment: € 40,000,
  • Conceptual design for an e-truck for use in urban areas,
  • Continuous use of Energy Management “Plan/Do/Check/Act” four-step methodology,
  • Regular awareness raising activities with employees on ecological issues

Supported by Energieinstitut der Wirtschaft and Wirtschaftskammer Wien

Contact details

  • Sector: Transport
  • Country: AUSTRIA
  • Email: baron@baron.co.at
  • Website: www.baron.co.at