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Change behaviour, save energy!

9 story Air Liquide OPTIONAL
12 % savings

"We reduced our energy use thanks to energy efficient actions by our staff."

Air Liquide Hospital Care produces basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical compounds. Thanks to the participation in 8 STEEEP workshops and the coaching by the local CCI, it developed a detailed energy management action plan, it had the opportunity to exchange experience with other businesses and learnt how to monitor its energy consumption. In 2013 and 2014, the company carried out several energy efficient actions, including automation of the lighting system and the purchase of more efficient filling equipment (pumps and compressors).

In the period 2014-2016, Air Liquide Hospital Care decided to focus on awareness raising and training of their staff during the monthly safety meetings. The employees were encouraged to propose and implement energy saving actions and toolboxes were developed. Some of the technical actions outlined by the energy scan and by the staff were difficult to implement due to a lack of expertise and budget, e.g. the technical programming of the air compressors, pumps, and specific lighting.

To perform the proposed interventions without investment, the European Filling Centre in Schelle decided to adopt a long-term strategy and to train its operators, including truck drivers and the maintenance technicians. The training allowed the staff to develop appropriate skills and competences and to perform the actions directly.

Examples of behavioural changes:

  • Switch off lights when not needed,
  • Switch off the air compressor when not needed,
  • Use of daylight as much as possible,
  • Shutdown machines, battery chargers and installations when not in use,
  • Close gates and windows when possible.

Based on the change in the company’s “energy culture” Air Liquide Hospital Care achieved yearly energy savings of 4%.

The company strives to continuously improve its behavioural culture on energy consumption. Based on a first evaluation of the implemented efficiency measures, it already implemented adaptations to its energy strategy in 2016.

Supported by CCI VOKA Vlaams Brabant

Contact details

  • Sector: Medical Gas Filling Center
  • Country: BELGIUM
  • Email: stijn.goelen@airliquide.com