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What can be measured can be improved

10 % savings

"The know-how we gained from our participation in STEEEP workshops allowed us to monitor effectively our energy use and to identify potential savings."

Pascal WEBER

Industrial Director

Gervatex is a textile factory, operating 24/7. In 2014, the share of energy costs amounted to 18% of the company’s total turnover. Therefore, reducing the energy consumption was one of the company’s top priorities. Gervatex decided to participate in the STEEEP project in order to benefit from the mentoring opportunities and individual advice offered by the local Chamber. The company’s industrial director participated in 5 STEEEP workshops on energy management and technical aspects of energy use (energy contracts, compressed air, heating, engines and raising staff members awareness).

Based on the knowledge gained in the workshops, Gervatex has implemented numerous actions to cut energy costs and improve equipment performance. The company invested € 50,000 in a new central compressed air system, resulting in efficiency gains of 31%, and installed a heat recovery system from the compressors for the warehouse (investment: € 1,400). Furthermore, leaks in the steam system were detected and repaired (investment: € 1,700). At the same time, Gervatex worked on optimising its energy supply contract, through relying on external advice and investing € 10,600 in new condensers to reduce reactive energy.

The comprehensive monitoring put in place with the help of the CCI (consumption, indicators, updated energy efficiency action plans) is now included in the monthly report to the business’ executive committee.

Thus far, the indicator of energy per unit of production (kWh/kg of thread produced) has decreased by 10%, with the same reduction achieved for the unit cost of kWh. The company saved 54 MWh over the last year. These results were perceived positively and encouraged the business to implement additional saving measures, including replacement of the steam autoclave, purchasing energy efficient engines and the installation of LED lighting in the factory.

Supported by CCI Drôme.

Contact details

  • Company: GERVATEX
  • Sector: Textiles
  • Country: FRANCE
  • Email: Pascal.weber@billion-mayor.com